Get Legal Help In A Dissolution Of Marriage In Dayton, Ohio

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Divorce

While often people assume that every divorce or dissolution of marriage in Dayton, Ohio is a nasty, painful and difficult process, this is really not the case. In fact, many couples come to the mutual understanding that their relationship is no longer sustainable in its current form.

When couples are able to do this, especially when there are children involved, the impact of divorce on the entire family can be minimized. When parents are able, through their dissolution of marriage in Dayton, to continue to work together in the best interests of raising happy, healthy and cared for children, the long term effects of the divorce are not an issue.

However, it is really impossible to see what the future brings in any dissolution of marriage in Dayton. Often the couple initially has few difficulties in agreeing on how to split the property and spend time with the kids, and then something happens to create conflict. This could be a move, a new relationship or even problems from the marriage resurfacing years after the divorce.

Be Proactive

When couples, even when the dissolution of marriage in Dayton seem amicable, work with an experienced divorce attorney they have the legal advice to know what to include in the divorce decree that can help prevent future conflicts and issues.

For example, it is possible to include clauses on alimony and child support, child custody and shared parenting responsibilities, where parents can move with the children and even issues with new relationships and the children.

By working with an attorney that has a good understanding of how to protect your relationship with your child or children and fairly divide your assets and liabilities you will be more at ease with the dissolution of marriage in Dayton.

Understanding the Process

A dissolution of marriage in Dayton is not a one step process. There is a set of necessary procedures that have to be followed, including notifying the other spouse and, in some cases, the requirement of direct negotiation or mediation to attempt to settle your divorce before going through a hearing.

Having an attorney to work with you through your dissolution of marriage in Dayton is a very proactive and positive way to ensure your divorce goes smoothly. It will also help you prevent problems in the future and to allow you to stay working together as parents for your children.

If you are facing a dissolution of marriage in Dayton see our attorneys.


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