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How a DWI Attorney in Salisbury, MD Can Be of Assistance to You

When you get pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence, your brain may not be working properly. For this reason, you may make decisions you normally wouldn’t make, and this can lead to problems in the future. You may find you are at risk of losing your license, your job may be jeopardized, and you may even discover you are facing jail time. Before you panic any more, you need to contact a DWI attormey in Salisbury, MD for legal advice and assistance. He or she can be of help to you in determining what steps you must take to minimize the consequences of your actions.

The first thing a DWI Attorney in Salisbury MD, will do is look at the processing paperwork. He or she works to ensure the papers were properly filled out and that you understood the paperwork before you signed it. If you were not adequately advised of your rights at the time, you may find the charges are dismissed. In addition, if you refused any testing asked of you by the officer, you may still have the right to be heard.

If this is your first offense, you’ll be required to make use of an ignition interlock device if you refused the test. This requirement holds true even if your alcohol limit wasn’t above the limit set by the state, and the device must remain in place for a one year period. The hearing allows you to request the right to drive other vehicles, such as those used in your employment, without having this device installed. The hearing must be requested within ten days, and an attorney can assist you with the required paperwork. For those with multiple offenses who blew higher than .15 on the breathalyzer test, the device can still be obtained, but you must get it within 30 days of the ticket date. The key is to have the hearing within the specified time frame.

The state has special laws in place for juvenile offenders, and you may wonder about alcohol classes and whether they would help your case when you appear in court. Visit the website to learn more about underage offenders, alcohol classes, and more. You must take a DWI charge serious, as the consequences can be quite severe and far reaching. An attorney can be of great assistance in mounting a defense and reducing the penalties you face.

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