In Case of an Accident During Work, Get a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

by | Sep 5, 2014 | Lawyer

High as the safety measures in your workplace may be, industrial accidents will always occur. If you suffer serious injuries while at work, then you are eligible to receive Worker’s Compensation. A common question by many folks is whether it is necessary to get an attorney. Many insurance firms all over the United States follow the NCCI manual to formulate their insurance policies. However, different states have different policies. You should be aware that the insurance firm has personal injury attorneys and adjusters who try to limit the amount you legally deserve.

Having an attorney by your side will help you follow the required process. The first step would be to get an attorney who will on your behalf inform your employer of the incident. Your attorney will also recommend a doctor and share the same information with your employer or company. Your employer may opt to write or not to write to the insurer. Informing the insurer of the injuries is enough for you to get a representative of the insuring firm. Payments can take up to a period of one week.

Before you are compensated, the insurer will conduct an investigation for their record. Therefore, they will ask you and your employer a few questions and also from the doctor you sought treatment. This information is used to evaluate the seriousness of the case and to come up with a figure. After the seven days elapse, you will be informed verbally or through your email the amount the insurance firm is willing to pay and within a certain time frame. Your attorney will be there with you to ensure that your rights are maintained and to ensure that you are given a fair amount of money.

When your attorney decides to send a claim form to your insurer, then they have a period of three weeks before they can decide on whether that is the right amount or not. However, depending on the type of accident and the level of incapacity, they can decide to push it to four weeks. In this case, your attorney will try and quicken the process by negotiating with the adjuster.

Worker’s Compensation attorneys are more affordable than personal injury attorneys.

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