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How Can A Social Security Lawyer Help You?

In 1935 as part of his “New Deal” President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law. Although there have been a number of amendments the benefits of the act remain reasonably intact. Although there are a number of benefits offered to various groups of people the two primary benefits are a monthly payment to those who have retired as well as payment for those who suffer from a mental or physical disorder. A Social Security lawyer in Mississippi is a legal professional that has in-depth knowledge of the act including all the pertinent rules and regulations that apply to the disability claims process.

Social Security disability payments are not a given, there are very strict rules in force. To be eligible for disability payments the person making the application must prove beyond doubt that they cannot perform any kind of substantial work for pay. When an application is received by the Social Security Administration it is subjected to a detailed analysis which include a review of the applicants work history as well as all the supporting medical data. As a Social Security lawyer in Mississippi knows exactly what the SSA is looking for in the way of supporting documents and other information, the lawyer is perfectly positioned to advise a client on the best way to put forward a claim that proves the disability.

For those that are about to apply for Social Security disability benefits it is always best to hire a lawyer to assist with the actual application. Although this is true, many applicants wait until their benefit claim has been denied. A lawyer who deals with Social Security on an ongoing basis is well aware of the appeals process and will typically ask that the claim be reconsidered, failing that they will file a motion to have the claim reviewed by an administrative law judge. At the hearing, which can take several months to arrange, the lawyer will aggressively argue his or her clients claim but providing proof positive that they do have a physical or mental disability. In many cases the Social Security lawyer in Mississippi will bring along occupational or medical expert witnesses that can testify that the disability does prevent the claimant from working.

In many cases the denial of benefits will be overturned at the conclusion of the hearing, however, should the claim still be denied the lawyer will raise the appeal with the Social Security Appeals Council. The council will review the findings of the ALJ as well as the claim; this process is conducted behind closed doors.

If you are about ready to claim for disability benefits you are wise to hire a Social Security lawyer in Mississippi. You are invited to take advantage of a free consultation with the Davis-Morris Law Firm.

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