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Evaluating Arrangements With A Child Custody Attorney In Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico divorce cases require the parents to create an agreement about child custody. When it isn’t possible, mediation is scheduled. Mediation offers the opportunity to generate a plan for visitation and identifies a custody arrangement. Parents who can’t reach an agreement during mediation attend a formal hearing in court.

Reviewing Custody Options

Sole custody places one parent in charge of all decisions for the child. The child lives with this parent on a full-time basis. In New Mexico, this assignment results from extenuating circumstances or serious risks. Common reasons for this ruling are incarceration, drug or alcohol abuse, or child abuse. Abandonment is also a grounds for this custody assignment.

Cases in which an order of protection is secured could result in this ruling. However, the offending parent must violate the order first. Parents who wish to secure sole custody should contact a Child Custody Attorney Albuquerque NM promptly.

Joint Custody Arrangements

Joint custody is the most common assignment. It allows both parents to make decisions. Typically, they work together to make choices about schools, doctors, and religious affiliations. The goal is to allow equal time for the child with each parent. The child may live with one parent during the school year and live with the other during the summer. If the parents live in the same area, they could alternate weeks.

Can Children State Their Wishes?

In New Mexico, children over 14 may select a parent in these cases. However, the court must evaluate the living environment first. Any risks imposed by this choice could lead to alternative arrangements. Parents who wish to allow their child to choose should contact a Child Custody Attorney Albuquerque NM today. You can also browse the website for more information.

Child custody is a difficult aspect of all divorces. Both parents believe they are the right choice in most instances. However, the most appropriate setting don’t always reflect the parent’s wishes. Any cases in which the parents can’t reach an agreement are subject to court determinations. To hire a Child Custody Attorney Albuquerque NM, contact The Carter & Valle Law Firm in Albuquerque NM or visit the website for more details.

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