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How Much Will it Cost to Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer in Martinsburg WV?

One of the main reasons that people do not call a lawyer when they need one is a fear of the cost. What many people do not realize is that an auto accident lawyer in Martinsburg WV may be more affordable than they think due to the unique way that most auto accident lawyers deal with fees.

An attorney that deals with family law cases or criminal cases generally charges a per hour fee for every hour they work on a case. This may include time preparing paperwork, talking to the client and appearing in court. They even charge for time that they are on the phone talking about the case. Obviously, this can add up very quickly. An auto accident lawyer normally works on what is known as a contingency fee rather than charging per hour.

A contingency fee is a fee that is charged only if the attorney wins the case. If they lose, you do not have to pay any fees. Because of that, most of these lawyers will require an initial consultation to discuss the merits of the case and to determine if it is a case they think that they can win. The amount of the fee is normally an agreed on percentage of the insurance settlement or jury award in the case. There is a cap on the percentage an attorney can receive as a fee, and it varies from state to state. Since the rates vary, be sure to clarify the total fees before contracting with an attorney.

While these fees may seem high, consider that an auto accident lawyer in Martinsburg WV working for a contingency fee is likely to work much harder on your case than an attorney that gets paid no matter the outcome. And while having to give up a percentage of your settlement may be hard, it is easier than losing the case and winning nothing.

If you have been in an auto accident and need an attorney, make some calls and set up some consultations. Many reputable firms also now have websites, such as . Make some calls now, and you may find that hiring an attorney to represent you is in your reach financially.

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