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How to Select a Child Support Attorney

If you agree on child custody but are still arguing with your former partner about child support, you need specialized legal help. Maybe your ex has fallen behind on child support payments. If so, you need a lawyer to intervene.

Questions to Ask and Research

In order to make a decision about a child support attorney, you need to ask specific questions. These questions may include the following inquiries:

* What kind of experience does the attorney have in handling cases that involve child support?
* Is he or she available to handle your particular case?
* What is the attorney’s billing rate? Can he or she give you an estimate of the total cost for resolving your case?
* How would he or she proceed in handling your case? What steps would he or she take?

Most lawyers charge an hourly fee when working on cases. Their billing rates can differ depending on their experience, the type of legal work that is performed, and their geographic location.

Select a Family Law Professional

When hiring a child support attorney, it is better to choose an attorney who handles all areas of family law or is familiar with this category. Not only should he or she handle child support issues but he or she should be well-versed in the areas of divorce, spousal support, restraining orders, parental rights, probate, and domestic violence.

Choose a professional who is able to handle both contested and uncontested divorces and who is a proven mediator. He or she should be familiar with the stipulations regarding the parental rights of both mothers and fathers.

Arrange an Initial Consultation

If child support is a current issue for you, then you need to arrange an initial consultation and have the lawyer elaborate on how he or she can help you in getting the legal relief you need. Whether you have a child support issue or want to file for a divorce, use the services of a lawyer who is acquainted with all aspects of family law. Michael D. Shook, Attorney at Law, is an experienced family law lawyer. Contact his office in Torrance, CA, at 310-328-6650 for further information. Connect with them on Facebook for more information!

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