How to Work with Your Bankruptcy Attorney in Edmond OK

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Lawyer

More people than ever before are finding themselves in debt. This can be a result of one or more factors including underemployment, unemployment, stagnant wages, rising consumer prices, or rising interest rates. When a person owes more money than he has coming into the household, it can mean having to make tough choices. To get out of debt and make a new start in life, it’s advisable to see a Bankruptcy Attorney in Edmond OK. Use the following tips to get ready for an initial visit with this professional.

Before seeing a Bankruptcy Attorney in Edmond OK, learn what bankruptcy is and how is can affect you. Educate yourself on the bankruptcy process. Basically, bankruptcy is a legal status a person has to qualify for. Only a bankruptcy judge can grant this status. Filing for bankruptcy takes place in a federal court. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are two of the most common types of personal bankruptcy. Depending on which chapter you choose, a trustee will be chosen to oversee your case. Click here for more details about the bankruptcy attorney in Edmond, OK.

In addition to learning about the basics of bankruptcy, be early to your first appointment. For a lawyer, time is money. Being prompt and prepared will show your lawyer you are willing and able to do your share of the work to resolve your case in a positive manner. Dress appropriately and use good manners. Most law offices are traditional work places, wearing your best clothing, being clean, and being respectful will go a long way towards developing a mutually beneficial working partnership.

It’s very important to bring all the necessary documents to your first visit. Some of these include paycheck stubs, income tax forms, bank account statements, credit card bills, and property deeds. You will need to make a list of people in your household you support. It’s a good idea to have this information ready so you won’t waste time writing it down during the first meeting.

Seeing a bankruptcy lawyer for the first time should be productive and efficient as possible. By using the above-mentioned suggestions, you can get ready for this meeting so you can have a favorable outcome on your case. For more information on bankruptcy, contract the Cain Law Office. This practice offers many legal services in addition to bankruptcy, such as medical product liability and personal injury claims.


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