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Injured on the Highway? You Need a Truck Accident Attorney in Edmond OK

Despite efforts by the federal government and the trucking industry to make highways a place where trucks and cars can travel safely together, trucking accidents are still very common. The injuries caused when a car and truck collide are usually more serious than when only passenger vehicles are involved. Claims are also more complicated because there are multiple layers of insurance and the responsible party is not always easily identified.

By hiring a Truck Accident Attorney in Edmond OK soon after your accident, you will get the benefit of their experience dealing with drivers, owners and trucking companies. If the truck is carrying a trailer, the company that owns the trailer or its contents may also be party to the claim. It takes an experienced attorney to sort through the web of players involved.

In most cases, the trucking company is liable for at least a portion of the costs associated with an accident if the truck had signage that would lead a person to believe they owned the truck. When authorities investigate the accident scene, they may collect data from the computer in the truck to find out how fast the truck was moving, when the driver engaged the brakes and how long the driver had been on the road prior to the accident.

The two main causes of truck accidents are driver error and equipment malfunctions. When drivers don’t get an appropriate amount of sleep between trips, they can become drowsy and put other drivers in danger. Distracted driving is also a problem with truck drivers. Drivers may cause an accident if they read or send text messages while they are driving, change the song on their MP3 player or make adjustments to their GPS while they are on the highway.

If your accident was caused by faulty equipment, a Truck Accident Attorney in Edmond OK may help you recover damages from the trucking company or the manufacturer of the equipment. Because these accidents are complicated, trust a lawyer from a law office like Cain Law Office with the experience to determine who was at fault and get you the settlement you deserve.


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