Protecting your rights after an auto accident

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Lawyer

If you have been involved in an auto accident and were not at fault you will no doubt be approached by an insurance adjuster who wishes to settle with you. It is a good idea to be very wary of settlement offers, especially if it is a recent accident. Insurance adjusters are masters at tactics that are designed to delay and deny; the job of the adjuster is to deny compensation or at least lower it on behalf of his employer. The reason the adjusters attempt to settle early is because they don’t want the victim to get a chance to talk to auto accident lawyers in Iowa City IA.

If you are in an accident and want nothing more than a full and fair settlement there are a few things that you can do to help build a strong case for yourself.

Get the police involved: It does not matter if the accident is serious or not, involve the police. When you call the police the dispatcher will send an officer to the scene, if there are injuries, the dispatcher will send medical help as well. A police report is an unbiased account that helps to establish the facts and will provide immense value when dealing with an insurance adjuster or if the need arises to go to court.

Information and pictures: If at all possible get pictures from the scene as well as the contact details and statements of any witnesses. The pictures should show the damage from all aspects as well as the road condition and any skid marks.

Talk to a lawyer: Auto accident lawyers in Iowa City IA can help you to avoid mistakes that may weaken your case in the event you need to sue for compensation. The lawyers know the statute of limitations in their state and will ensure that the case progresses in accordance with the time line. The lawyer will track your medical care, expenses and advocate for you to ensure that you get satisfaction.

Don’t give any statement to an insurance company: Remember that the insurance company has their best interests in mind, not yours. Never make any statements on the record without the knowledge of your lawyer. Let your lawyer deal with these people, they will make sure that the facts are stated and there will be no confusion which can easily result in weakening your case.

pay attention to the smallest details will help you in your attempt to receive full and fair compensation.


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