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Protecting Your Rights with a Defective Products Lawyer

Absolutely any product sold by a manufacturer is subject to a sudden and unexplained defect if a manufacturer is not careful to follow all safety procedures and remain compliant with regulations. If you purchase a product that was sold to you by a company with the knowledge that it was defective or if it was defective due to the indirect negligence of the manufacturer, you could be compensated for the results of using the product. This is when you should consider hiring a defective products lawyer with experience handling such cases, especially if you plan to put yourself up against a big company.


The biggest thing to remember in this type of claim is that you need evidence of the defective product and any property damage or injury caused by it. For example, a car manufacturer may knowingly produce and sell cars with a potentially fatal flaw in the braking system, which could lead to injuries and even death to those behind the wheels. A defective products lawyer, such as those with the Law Offices of Kenneth E Lyon III, can help you sort through the evidence to prove the validity of your claim.


The settlements associated with this type of claim can be enormous, large enough to bankrupt a company, and you need an experienced defective products lawyer on your side from the start. The insurance companies of such a manufacturer are unlikely to go easy on you and you will be up against many highly-skilled professionals with the intent to discredit your claim and save as much money as possible. You not only need a skilled lawyer by your side but you need a legal representative with experience working cases similar to your own.

Hiring the right lawyer can help you win an average of 30% more from your settlement and it will exponentially increase the chances of you winning the lawsuit. This type of help could be the tipping point on the scale that ensures that you get the best and fairest settlement possible.

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