Speak with an Accident Attorney in Rapid City Before You Settle

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Lawyer

When you’ve been in a car accident, it may seem like the bills are just pilling on. If the accident was due to the neglect of another driver, for example if they were texting while driving or driving under the influence of alcohol, you may be entitled to compensation. This compensation should cover all of the bills you acquire from the accident. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case if you choose to settle with the insurance company before you consult with an accident attorney.

An professional Accident Attorney in Rapid City residents go to will be able to go through all of the evidence in your case as well as all of the bills you may have received and will help you come up with an adequate settlement amount to ask for. You will need to bring all of the evidence for the case, such as police reports, phone numbers for witnesses, or anything else you have with you to the consultation meeting. You will also need all of your bills. This includes your medical bills, any doctor’s notes about long term care that will be required, car repair bills, and your proof of income if you had to miss work due to the accident. Your attorney can look through all of this to come to a settlement amount.

Once you and your attorney have worked out a settlement amount, your attorney will then speak with the insurance company. This is usually during a settlement meeting, and your attorney will let them know what amount of compensation is required to fully cover you for the financial impact from the car accident. Many times this is the end of the case, as the attorney and the insurance company come to an agreement. If they don’t, however, the next step is to go to court. Your attorney will then speak to the judge to try to convince him that you need the money you are asking for.

You don’t have to cover the bills from an accident that wasn’t your fault, and you don’t have to accept the settlement from the insurance company. Though it may look like a nice check, it’s rare that it covers all of the expenses you had because of the accident. Instead, speak with an Accident Attorney Rapid City residents use to get the compensation that you deserve.

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