Suffer Fire Damage? Consult with a Fire Damage Lawyer in Florida

by | Apr 30, 2015 | Law

When a fire destroys some or all of your property, you might be at a loss as to what to do next. Fires can strike without warning, and leave little damage or complete and utter property loss in their wake. Hopefully, you will have owners or renter’s insurance to help you recoup at least some of what you lost and start rebuilding. However, sometimes the insurance isn’t enough or for whatever reason doesn’t cover the particular circumstances behind the fire that occurred. In a worst case scenario, you don’t have any home owner’s insurance or renter’s insurance at all, leaving you feeling all alone and unsure of what your rights are or what you can do.

What to Do First

Consulting with a fire damage lawyer in Florida is the first step in figuring out what you can do. In many cases, the fire was started on purpose. If this is the case, you might not know how to get justice. The fire damage lawyer you’re working with can help you seek it. If the fire was an accident, the person who started it is liable for damages even if not charged with a crime. If there was anything they could have done to prevent the spread of the fire, but they didn’t do so, the attorneys can help determine if this is what happened. If so, such attorneys can aid you in seeking damages.

Find Who Is at Fault When It Isn’t Clear

If the fire was the result of an accident, there might still be someone at fault. Perhaps the power company failed to insulate wires properly. Or it may be that a construction company did not take the proper precautions before using flammable materials nearby. Either way, if a third party is at fault for the fire that damaged your home a fire damage lawyer can help you get redress. Even if there is no one seemingly to blame except circumstance, a fire damage attorney will not rest until it is absolutely certain. It might sound cynical to say, but there’s always someone at fault.

Keep an Eye on the Bigger Picture

No amount of money can replace your belongings. Monetary damages will only be able to help you replace the material possessions you’ve lost. While it is true that things are replaceable, remember that memories are irreplaceable. The memory of what you once had, and what you’ve lost, can be just as traumatic and as damaging as the fire itself. If you were prepared and insured, moving on to create new memories will be easier, but it will still take a lot of work. If you weren’t prepared and weren’t insured, then the path will be harder. An attorney specializing in fire damage can help you start to move on.

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