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The Fundamental Fairness of the Bail Bond System

There are some people who believe that the bail system and bail bond services are unfair. There have been many news stories recently about people complaining or even trying to sue their local government over bail-related issues. But do they really know why bail exists in the first place? Read on to decide for yourself.

Why Does Bond Exist?

Not every person who is arrested is required to pay a fine or bail cost to be released. Some are released without fees to await trial or legal follow-up. So, why do some people have to pay bail to go free?

Bail is a system of collateral. It is a fee paid upfront, that – if the person who was arrested continues to comply with orders and show up to bail bond hearings – they or their representatives will receive back after the bail bond process is over. Yes, even if the person is eventually found guilty of the crime for which they were arrested, they will still receive back their bail cost. In this way, the bail bond system is more like a bartering system than a punishment; do what you’re supposed to, and you won’t be out any money in the end.

What Happens When You Can’t Pay?

The problem with bail bonds is that they are typically required to be paid in full, upfront. Many people who are arrested cannot meet this requirement and do not have someone in their lives who can do it for them. Even getting your hands on that kind of money temporarily can be difficult. If only there was someone who could pay the fee for you so that you could get back to your life!

The good news is there is. Contacting a Dayton, OH bail bond service will get you in touch with someone who can pay your bail bond upfront in exchange for a small percentage from you, and allow you to pay that total down over time in payments. This is one way that everyone – even those without the money in place to pay bail out of pocket – can benefit from this system.

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