The Importance of Using an Adoption Lawyer

by | Jul 4, 2014 | Lawyer

Making the decision to adopt a child can be the most exciting time of your life! With adoption comes a lot of emotion – sometimes both good and bad! If you’ve been through an adoption before or have known someone who has, you know that it has the potential to be a lengthy process. Depending on the particular situation, there can also be a lot of legal ups and downs throughout the course of the adoption. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you hire a lawyer.

An adoption lawyer works with adoptive families, and oftentimes birth parents as well. Before investing emotionally in any adoption opportunity, it is typically best that you consult a lawyer to discuss the legal situation. The adoption laws vary from state to state, and a lawyer can help to guide you to ensure that your adoption process is legal and without disruption. Some families choose to work with a general lawyer for an adoption, but it is generally suggested that you choose someone who has experience dealing with adoptions. These lawyers, such as The Law Offices of Diane M Sternlieb LLC, are more aware of the adoption laws in your state and know how to handle difficult situations, should they arise.

Lawyers deal with all types of adoptions including domestic, international, and foster care adoptions, just to name a few. They often work with birth parents as well and handle the relinquishment of parental rights which enables the child to be legally free for adoption. Many times, the lawyers will work with both the birth parents and the adoptive family to create an adoption plan for the future of the child. This might include the contact, if any, the birth parents will have with the child in the future. In open adoptions, the birth parents have contact with their birth child and might even have visits where they can see and interact with their child. In closed adoptions however, the birth parents would not have ongoing contact with the child or the adoptive family.

A lawyer can help you talk through these decisions to see what is in the best interest for both the child and families that are involved. Since adoption can be riddled with ups and downs and unknowns, it is best if you consider using an adoption lawyer to help you through the process.
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