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The Two Major Reasons Why Victims Of Trucking Accidents in Greenbelt Should Consider Hiring An Attorney

Car accidents are scary, but it can be especially frightening when a truck collides with a car simply because the truck’s large size gives the truck driver an advantage. In these types of incidents, it is most often the driver of the car that sustains serious injuries. Unfortunately, many of them struggle to pay for medical bills and make up for lost wages because trucking insurance companies don’t always handle these cases fairly. For those who have been injured in Trucking Accidents in Greenbelt and find it difficult to obtain a fair settlement, here’s why they need to get an experienced attorney on the case:

• The simple truth is that the trucking company’s insurer isn’t going to be eager to take the blame for the accident because doing so often means having to make a large payout to the victim. In order to save money and avoid these payouts, insurers may play the “blame game” by attempting to pass on the blame for the accident to another party. For example, they may blame a manufacturer for sending them a faulty part or say that a mechanic failed to maintain the vehicle as promised. The first thing that an experienced attorney will do is conduct a proper investigation to find out what really happened. They’ll be able to help find out who was truly at fault so that they can build a solid case for a lawsuit. You can visit here to get more information.

• If the blame game doesn’t work, many insurers will try to use another tactic to save money: trying to bully the victim into accepting a settlement that is much lower than what the case is worth. Unfortunately, most victims of Trucking Accidents in Greenbelt don’t know what their case is worth an end up falling for these tactics and missing out on a fair settlement. Not only can a good lawyer take on the task of negotiating with the insurer so that the victim doesn’t have to, but they’ll also help to value a victim’s case and help them recognize when an offer is just too low to consider taking.

Trucking Accidents in Greenbelt may be harrowing, but victims need to know that they don’t have to go it alone. Instead, contact the professionals at Jaklitsch Law Group to find out more about how they can give victims peace of mind and time to focus on their healing while a qualified attorney fights for justice on their behalf.

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