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Three Steps to Choosing a Commercial Litigation Lawyer in New York

The fact is when you are dealing with a commercial litigation issue if you do not have the right commercial litigation lawyer in New York you may be fighting for many years to come. You may find yourself in a commercial litigation matter that includes:

  • Matters involving environmental and real property law
  • Business dissolution and disputes
  • Payment disputes
  • Constitutional rights and contract law
  • Fiduciary responsibility
  • Other matters

There are a wide range of matters that fall under the heading of commercial litigation which you can imagine keeps the courts very busy. The right experienced lawyer will help you to dispose of the case quickly and get you the outcome that you hope for.

Three Steps

There are three steps you can take that will help you to make the right choice and get the legal representation that you need:

Step 1- Ask around

If you have had colleagues, business associates, friends or family that have dealt with a matter that falls under the heading of commercial litigation, ask them who they use and then ask them about their experience. This can be a good way to get some referrals and see how the lawyer measured up.

Step 2-Make Your Appointment

Here is something you should keep in mind, your lawyer is on your side, when you have your first meeting, be honest. Providing the lawyer with the information that they need to create a winning strategy is the best thing you can do for your case. This is also the time to judge whether you are dealing with a client focused practice or not. is the staff welcoming? Is the lawyer taking the time to explain options to you?

Step 3 Hire the Experience

At the end of the day the best way to hire any attorney is based on their track record. Experience is critical in these matters, especially if you do not want to drag them on forever. Neufeld, O’Leary & Giusto is a good option when you are shopping for a commercial litigation lawyer in New York.

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