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Understanding Your Rights After Hiring A Worker’s Compensation Attorney In Jonesboro, GA

The state of Georgia requires all employers to maintain worker’s compensation insurance to cover employee-related injuries. This coverage provides benefits to employees such as payments for medical coverage and a percentage of their wages. If you were injured on the job and your employer failed to compensate you, you should contact a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Jonesboro GA immediately.


The Guidelines for Worker’s Compensation

To become eligible for worker’s compensation, your injuries should have occurred while you were performing work-related tasks. All employers are required to send an injured employee to an urgent care facility or the emergency room for medical evaluation. They are required by law to submit a claim for worker’s compensation after they receive the doctor’s report for these injuries. In most cases, the employer is limited to a three-day window to fulfill these obligations. A claim’s adjuster for the insurance carrier receives the claim for coverage. He or she evaluates the doctor’s findings to determine whether the injury warrants coverage beyond the initial requirements. For instance, if the injury presents a significant recovery time then the employee is eligible to receive wages based on the percentage outlined in the policy. The amount of time he or she has spent on the job will determine this value in most cases. Long-term disabilities and conditions that may require surgery as treatment are eligible for coverage. Loss of limb may warrant a large settlement based on the terms of the policy. Any condition that is deemed severe is eligible for extended coverage.

What to Do if You are Denied

Your first step after you are denied coverage is to consult a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Jonesboro GA promptly. You are restricted to a two-year limit for filing a formal claim against an employer. Your attorney begins this process by determining if it is feasible for you to file a lawsuit or if negotiations are probable. Most attorneys in this field do not charge any upfront costs as they will receive a percentage of your settlement should you win your case. They review cases based on the evidence presented to determine if it is viable. If you were injured due to no fault of your own and were denied worker’s compensation benefits contact The Monk Law Firm today.

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