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The Best Dog Bite Attorney in Philadelphia can Help After an Attack

Liability for a dog bite depends on the location of the attack. In some states, such as Massachusetts, California and Florida, merely owning the dog makes one liable for the animal’s actions. In other states such as Texas, Oregon and New York, owners are only liable if they knew of the dog’s ill temperament or tendency to bite. If you live in a state where ownership makes you automatically liable, you are not necessarily liable in all cases. Situations where you will not be held responsible include:

     *     Where the bite occurred during the commission of a felony

     *    Where the victim provoked the animal

     *    Where the victim was trespassing

     *    Where the animal is under the care of a veterinarian

Dog Bite Liability and Provocation

If a person’s behaviour causes a dog to bite where the animal would not have normally done so, provocation has occurred. Young children present a difficult situation -; they often play with dogs in a manner disagreeable to the animal. States differ as to the owner’s liability in keeping the dog away from children, and to the parents’ liability in keeping children away from animals. If you or one of your family members have been bitten, the Best Dog Bite Attorney In Philadelphia can help you prevail in court.

Situations Where Vets Cannot Sue for Injuries

Treating veterinarians cannot sue dog owners if injuries are sustained during the course of treatment, for a variety of reasons. Veterinarians assume risk by treating animals, and when treatment occurs, they may accidentally provoke an animal. Some courts believe that veterinarians assume temporary ownership when taking custody of an animal, absolving the dog owner of liability.

Do Certain Breeds Lead to Greater Liability?

Although any dog bite can leave an owner liable for injuries, some dogs are regarded as more dangerous than others. Some towns and cities have laws limiting or banning ownership of dangerous breeds such as Rottweilers and pit bulls, and courts often uphold these laws as a legitimate exercise of state authority.

Hiring the Best Dog Bite Attorney In Philadelphia

If your dog has attacked someone and you are facing a lawsuit, you should talk to a personal injury attorney. Consulting Matkoff Shengold Burke London can leave you with an understanding of your rights and responsibilities, and it can help you navigate your state’s legal system.


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