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Using A Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer To Prove Innocence

When someone claims they had slipped and fallen in a store, and the store owner knows they had made up the claim to try to obtain monetary compensation, they will want to hire a Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer right away. This lawyer will be able to help prove the person had falsified their claims to help prove the business was innocent in the matter. There are several steps that can help a store prove they were not negligent in the way they had kept their business floors.

Credit card receipts can give an indication as to who was in the establishment at the time of the incident. From this information, customers can be called to see if they had witnessed any strange behavior the person who had fallen may have done before their incident. The employees within the building at the time of the fall can be questioned to see if they had noticed anything peculiar during their shift that may indicate the fall had been staged.

Surveillance tapes may show the person had cased out the store in advance to look for an area to pretend to fall. Someone will need to go back through footage to see if anything had been caught on tape to prove this. Neighboring stores and establishments may also have something on tape giving a clue about the incident, so it is beneficial to show a picture of the person who had fallen to the owners to see if they recognize them as being in the area previously.

Maintenance workers can give reports proving they had taken care of the floors properly. They may have documentation showing when they had last serviced the area and what products they had used to clean it. Pictures of the area should be taken to prove there was no moisture present indicating a fall would have happened.

If someone needs more information about a Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer, or a similar site to find out more about the procedure of fighting a negligence claim. They can also make a call directly to the lawyer to ask questions in how to proceed to fight the claim. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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