What Does A Business Lawyer Do?

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Lawyer

When starting a business, you may consider partners, board members, and employment staff. Have you considered who will be your business lawyer?
Business attorneys ensure your success by managing your corporate legal matters. Here are just a few of the things we offer you to not only defend you when trouble arises but avoid it in the first place.

Legal Formation
To legally perform business in the state of Florida, you need to file the proper forms and register your name. The latter is extremely important; just like no one wants to show at a party wearing the same outfit as another, having your business name duplicated is an awkward situation. Business attorneys make sure that not only does your name remain unique but that all the state filings are in order so you don’t face fines later.

Depending on your industry, licensing and bonds may be required. Miss out and-whoops, the state is not only suspending your operations but administering punishment. Let us help you form the appropriate checklists and stay up to date.

Put everything in writing! Even if you have known a vendor for 30 years, relying on verbal agreements is unreliable. We all hear what we want to hear and that does not often align with reality. The result of that situation can often end in bitterness and litigation.

Prevent litigation with clear and unarguable contracts. Your bank account, insurance carriers, and state of mind will thank you.

The sad reality is that for many businesses is not a matter of if you get sued but when. People are not always unreasonable and mistakes happen. When facing that situation, would you rather have to lawyer-shop or have someone on speed dial ready to come to the rescue? Trust us when we say, you would rather have the speed dial contact.

Keep your business on the up-and-up of its legal affairs by hiring a business attorney in Miami. Hire us to make business ownership smoother and reduce your stress. You will be glad you did!

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