What happens when a property is condemned?

by | Jul 7, 2014 | Lawyer

Condemnation law is concerned with fighting lawsuits where property has been condemned by a government agency in connection with a case of eminent domain. In this sense, condemnation on Long Island refers not only certifying that the property is unfit for human habitation until improvements are made, but to taking title to the property as well for the public good. When a case involving emanate domain reaches the stage where the property is condemned it means the government is about to forcibly sell it.

A property can be taken by the government and dedicate it to a different use if it can prove that there is a compelling reason to do so. In most cases this happens with property but it is not limited to that, the government can also seize other types of property, even intellectual property. The government is not allowed to simply perform such actions with being able to present a clear cause, the problem at times is that “public use” is legally nebulous and this then becomes the basis of argument when condemnation on Long Island takes place.

Long before the government seizes the property they will make an offer to purchase it, the offer will be what the government believes is a fair price for the property in question. If the owner of the property is not happy with the offer he can refuse to accept it but when this happens condemnation law enters the picture, this is when the government can take possession and condemn the property. It is not necessary in some cases for the government to take possession of the whole property if for example they only need an easement. If the government’s objective is to build a new road they can allow the owner of the property to retain the title but only take that which is needed for the road construction.

The law is very specific, when a property is subjected to condemnation on Long Island and a forced sale is invoked, the compensation for the property must be fair. The owner of the property is given fair notice and has every right to fight the seizure and the value which the government assigned to the property. lawyers who deal with condemnation law are those that are turned to when the owner wishes to fight or to negotiate a better monetary settlement for the property.

If you own a piece of property which is being seized under emanate domain you have the right to fight the seizure all-together or fight for a better price. If your property is faced with condemnation on Long Island you are invited to contact Jaspan Schlesinger Attorneys at Law. It is a full-service law firm providing quality legal services in virtually every area of practice. Visit website for more information.

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