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When a Disability Law Office May Be of Help

Being diagnosed with a disability is heartbreaking; the person’s entire life will change, as they will have to make accommodations for their limitations. For some, this disability is physical, yet for others it is one that cannot be seen, and it impacts every area of their life. The federal government established the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income programs for individuals in this situation, but getting approved can be difficult. However, when a claim is denied or when an individual needs help in filing out the appropriate paperwork, a disability law office can be of great help.

In order to receive these benefits, a person must meet certain criteria: the Social Security Disability Insurance program pays those who have worked for a period of time and have earned credits in the system through the payment of Social Security taxes. Individuals who don’t fall into this category may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income, a program that is based on financial need, rather than earnings and tax payments. A person needs to understand which program to file for, above all else. The agency offers a benefits eligibility screening tool for those who need assistance in this area.

Once it has been determined if a person will be filing for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income, proof will need to be provided of the disability. This may involve the collection of medical records and other information, and an attorney can be of great help in gathering the information required with the application. In the event the appropriate information isn’t provided, the Social Security Administration could deny the claim and an appeal may be filed.

The majority of claims are initially denied, leaving a person wondering where to turn for help. A disability law office such as Law Offices of Sara J. Frankel & Associates PC can be of great help in this situation, as the attorney works to determine why the claim was denied and what information needs to be provided to the Social Security Administration to have it approved. Anyone in this situation should seek help immediately, as it does take time for a claim to be processed, so the sooner an attorney is employed, the sooner the benefits will begin. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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