Medical Documentation and Disability Applications

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Lawyer

Social security disability benefits help thousands of Americans live more stable and healthy lives every year. Unfortunately, many applicants will be denied these valuable benefits upon their initial application. To ensure you do not fall into this stat pool, and that you receive benefits in a timely manner, it is important that your application is expertly constructed.

When putting together a New Jersey disability application, one section is perhaps more important than any other: your medical documentation and history. This information will be the key area the SSA will examine to determine if your disability fits their definitions, and properly qualifies your for social security disability benefits. Having this section in an organized, clearly presented, and evidence supported state is essential to your application being approved successfully.

To ensure your medical documentation section is strong, be sure to include the following information:

*  A brief introduction to your disability, and the content included within your medical documentation section.
*  Doctor’s notes outlining the progression and current state of your disability.
*  A full medical history.
*  A complete list of your diagnoses, with references to exhibit and page numbers relevant to the SSA.
*  A quickly skimmable bullet-point list that outlines the major points made from the extensive documentation.

Each of these sections is vitally important, as they will help the SSA official ruling over your case understand the severity and history of your disability. Tying in your profession to the effect your disability has on your ability to gain a steady and significant income is also essential to success. For example, if your disability makes you unable to do physical labor for more than two hours at a time, and all your training and experience only applies to physical labor jobs, you need to highlight this situation within your application.

In addition to this information, your specific case may require additional documentation or evidence to convince the SSA of your needs. Having an up-to-date read on your residual functional capacity is particularly important. Thankfully, with the help of a talented, experienced, and knowledgeable disability attorney, you should be able to navigate this sometimes-confusing section of the application with ease.

If you want to be guided by a team of dedicated disability attorneys, consider hiring the Mazur Disability law firm. We are dedicated to helping you start your path toward a healthier and more stable life. To begin working toward the benefits you deserve, please contact us at your convenience to set up a free consultation.

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