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When Personal Injury Attorneys in Live Oak, FL Blur the Criminal Case with the Injury

A person is injured. Is it a criminal case or a personal injury case? Is it both or neither? Personal injury attorneys in Live Oak, FL have a lot to juggle and some rapid waters to navigate. But, this is par for the course, and it addresses some key concerns in the court of law.

The Statute of Limitations and Acting Now

The statute of limitations in the state of Florida is a safe haven for all individuals. Every client is constricted by time. In Florida, individuals have four years after the incident to open up a case in personal injury. This is a logical protection against the abuse of the system. If anything, it should encourage Floridians to act in a responsible and timely manner against a potential injury case.

Restrictions of the Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations typically applies in both criminal and personal injury cases, but it is a tough area to dissect. For one, the four-year statute of limitations for a criminal case does not apply. But, the initial case may be a personal injury. So, should an individual pursue a criminal case of negligence or just a compensatory case? The argument goes far beyond the scope of this article, or any, but it does address a valuable question. The court of law can be a confusing place, and personal injury attorneys in Live Oak, FL help make it a lot easier.

The criminal charge could add a whole new element to a personal injury, but it could also further complicate matters beyond reason. There is the pursuit of justice, but it is all-too-common for people to over-leverage this matter and get way off the core of the case. The website at may offer more insight into this area.

An attorney should be able to navigate these nuances to make sure their client is able to receive proper compensation for an incident without unreasonable and unjustified restrictions. If that is on the basis of a criminal case, it may need to be so. The important matter is that attorneys can explore the best route and head towards the destination without distraction.

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