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When you need to hire an accident attorney

There are many situations where an individual may suffer an injury as a result of an accident that was the fault of someone or something other than himself. If your injuries are significant, to the point where you require hospitalization and medical care as well as having to suffer other financial hardships such as lost income, you should consider hiring an accident attorney in New York City. There are numerous situations where legal assistance is a must, such as:

Permanent or long-term disability:
If you are injured and your injuries are so severe that your ability to function is affected for a significant period of time, you can sue for compensation. It may be difficult for you to put a price tag on how much your injuries are worth, an experienced attorney can maximize your compensation.

Severe injuries:
The amount of compensation you can get is usually based on the extent of your injuries. The extent or severity of your injuries is usually based on your medical expenses, the type of injuries and your recovery time. As the potential compensation goes up the range in which it falls usually widens. A good attorney can make sure that the amount of compensation you are eventually awarded falls at the top of the range.

Insurance company refuses to settle:
It is not unusual for an insurance company to simply refuse to settle or if they do make a proposal, it will not be adequate to compensate you for your expenses as well as your suffering and pain. This should not come as a surprise, insurance companies are in business to pay dividends to their share holders, not pay out claims; if they can get away with paying the bare minimum they certainly will. Your accident attorney in New York City will not tolerate this; he or she will take the case to court if that is what’s needed to get you your rightful settlement. Visit Frekhtman & Associates.

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