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Why Individuals Choose to Hire a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Lithonia, GA

When the amount of debt a person has gets out of control, it can leave them feeling helpless and grappling for a way to get relief from the burden of financial difficulties. Rather than dealing with the stress, many individuals choose to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, as it can help them get the fresh start they need to rebuild their life and gain freedom from debt. Be sure to talk to a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Lithonia, GA. They will be able to discuss the filing process for this version of bankruptcy and help determine if a person is eligible for full debt relief.

Initial Documents

To initiate a bankruptcy proceeding, an attorney must petition the court and seek a court date so a judge can rule whether a person should be granted debt forgiveness. Filling these documents without proper knowledge of the legal system can lead to delays and cause a bankruptcy petition to be thrown out. Avoid these common problems by hiring an attorney who can ensure any case-related documentation is filed accurately and promptly.

Creditor Contact

A chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Lithonia, GA will make sure that a person’s creditors are contacted the moment a person files for bankruptcy. One of the protections afforded to an individual in the process of filing for bankruptcy is the stopping of creditor collection calls. An attorney will make sure all creditors are contacted so that a person can get instant relief from stressful phone calls from predatory debt collection agencies.

Court Hearing

Before a person has their debt forgiven, they must first appear before a judge who will determine if they are eligible for chapter 7. The judge may ask the individual questions about any assets they currently own and seek to find out if they are due any significant settlements or inheritance. An attorney can speak on behalf of their client and prevent them from saying something that can cause their bankruptcy to be denied.

For a person who is drowning in debt, one of the easiest ways to get relief is to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. The Law Office of Chris Carouthers can help, and ensure a person gets the financial relief they deserve. Visit to learn more and take the first step in getting relief from a mountain of debt.

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