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Why You Need to Get Experienced Immigration Law Help in Columbus OH

A lot of nonprofit and religious organizations are hosting and hiring workers from other countries. Of course, anyone who wishes to work in the United States must have legal status to do so. These laws are pretty much standard across the United States. There may be some varying differences according to the state or Commonwealth. If you are in Ohio, you may want to Get Experienced Immigration Law Help in Columbus OH. Trying to get your worker legal and safe to work in your organization is not something you should undertake yourself. You should hire a professional.

The process of getting a religious or nonprofit worker to legally work for you can be complex. In general, the religious worker that is coming to work for you must be a member or affiliate of the particular denomination you are in if that is applicable. He or she must have been such members or affiliates for at least two years. The foreign worker must be in a ministerial capacity or some other type of religious occupation when he or she comes to work. The worker must be employed at the agency to which he or she is coming at least 20 hours a week.

Applying for a petition on behalf of the religious or nonprofit worker may vary according to the particular U.S. Embassy used. An application process ensues where the worker will fill out the appropriate information. This includes filling out the DS-160, certain photograph requirements and getting together the passports. In certain cases, there may be additional documentation required to facilitate the validation of who the worker is. The fee is generally $190 and then there is the wait for the interview.

Of course, all of this seems complex, and it can get messy, especially if you are not too sure of what to do. The Bell Law Office represents clients in immigration law and naturalization processes. In a lot of cases, workers are already in the United States and are now facing possible deportation. This can be even more harrowing. However, you can put your worries aside and Get Experienced Immigration Law Help in Columbus OH. Visit the website of the Bell Law Office, website.

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