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3 Reasons to Work With IRS Tax Lawyers

Most of us believe that the only time we might need to work with any IRS tax lawyers is if we become the subject of an IRS audit. Whether it is personal or business related, it just makes sense to get legal help the moment you learn that your tax statements are being questioned, reviewed or reassessed. There are many other reasons to speak with such legal experts or hire them for their services.

IRS and Your Legal Rights

Audits go much more smoothly when a lawyer intervenes on your behalf. Whether they serve to negotiate a debt or help argue in your defense when you make an error on your taxes, they are valuable and important assets to have on your side. The same can be said for the many other reasons you might hire IRS tax lawyers, including:

  1. For simple communication – No matter why you might have to get in touch with the IRS, it is better if there is an expert who can finesse the messages you send. Use a few words the wrong way, and you might create costly confusion, and so whether you are writing or phoning, it is probably always to your benefit to have a lawyer handle such matters.
  2. When facing criminal issues – The IRS can pursue criminal charges against you if they think you are hiding income or evading taxes. There are heavy financial penalties at risk, but even worse is the threat of jail time. Naturally, this is always the moment to have a skilled attorney doing all of the communication and dealing with all of the legalities.
  3. If you forgot to file – It may seem impossible to imagine that you’d forget to file your annual tax return, but it does happen. In fact, it is not at all unusual for people facing a bit of personal turmoil to put the tax return on the back burner, and then forget about it until the following year. At such times, it is not a good idea to try to explain to an IRS agent what has occurred. Instead, that is the time to contact an expert and let them do the talking.

You might also need IRS tax lawyers for CP notices, for estates or inheritance and more. If you find that you do need such assistance in the Chicago area, contact North Suburban Legal Services, experts in tax, employment and business law, they can give you a free consultation and the help you need.

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