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3 Reasons Your Startup Need a Trademark Lawyer

Starting a business means you need to establish a strong brand, one that attracts consistent consumer interest, that can stand the test of time. To do that, you need a trademark lawyer. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider hiring a professional lawyer who knows his way around trademarks:
Achieve Application Approval
The Wall Street Journal reported on a study conducted by two law professors of the University of North Carolina. Results showed that trademark applications that were represented by lawyers demonstrated a success rate of 60 percent compared to applications that were filed with no legal guidance and supervision.
As a startup, ensuring your trademark is protected is one of the first few steps you can take to make your brand secure. But you’d also want to cut down on unnecessary costs too. That’s where a trademark lawyer can help you. With the proper legal support and guidance, you have a better chance of getting your application approved the first time. That saves you on any costs associated with re-filing an application. You also save up on time since you’ll only have to go through the process once.
Find the Right Trademark
One of the things you’ll have to decide early on is your logo. This is tied with the character, tone or impression you want your customers to associate with your company, your brand. You might even get excited about an idea for your company’s logo design, only to find out that someone else beat you to it. That’s how important it is to have someone on board who knows about trademarks and how to use them. A lawyer who specializes in trademark laws and use won’t just help you find out if the trademark you want to keep has already been taken in the past or not. In addition, he’ll also help you come up with new one that’s not only perfect for your business but also safe to use, legally.
Save on Campaign Costs
There’s nothing quite as frustrating as finding out that your trademark resembles another and that you need to get yours changed. That, after you’ve invested money into the marketing materials and campaigns. Replacing the logo won’t work too. Promotional items will have to be redone. Campaign images will have to be reshot. So make sure you’ve got a good, safe trademark to work with in the first place. With the help a lawyer, figuring that out is pretty easy.
These are just top 3 reasons why you need a trademark lawyer for your startup. If you’re looking for professional legal assistance in Long Island, there are plenty of reliable patent attorneys like Dan Weglarz to get you sorted out. Just reach out and ask.

Need the services of a trademark lawyer in Long Island? Dan Weglarz, part of the Long Island community of patent attorneys, has the expertise to help you. Give him a call today.

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