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Why You Need a Theft Defense Lawyer in Greenwood, IN: Three Scenarios

You’ve been charged with theft (whether intentional or an innocent mistake) and realize that this is a very serious situation. There are plenty of legal defenses for cases of theft, even if the charge is the defendant taking property without permission of the owner. Similar to other criminal defense cases, theft defense involves a complicated web of legal issues, often stemming from a simple mistake that can’t be proven.

A theft defense lawyer in Greenwood, IN will be able to help you build a case for any scenario and ensure that the verdict is fair and well-informed.

Genuine Misunderstanding

Sometimes a situation that is being called theft is a genuine misunderstanding of property ownership. For many reasons, you may have thought that someone gave you an item or that the item was yours, to begin with, but when the cops are called, you quickly realize the mistake. A theft defense lawyer will help you gather evidence and build your case to show that it was a genuine misunderstanding.


When a person is intoxicated, they often make bad decisions resulting in criminal action. If you were intoxicated and unwittingly stole an item, a lawyer will be able to gather evidence of intoxication and, after returning the item you stole, if possible, leverage return of property as part of the defense.


If someone lured you into committing a theft or gave you incorrect information of property ownership for the purpose of apprehending and prosecuting you for theft, you can create a defense with the help of a lawyer. Arguably the most challenging scenario, theft by entrapment is nearly impossible to prove without hiring a theft defense lawyer.

Theft charges are very serious and difficult to defend without the help of a theft defense lawyer. If you need to speak to a lawyer or schedule a consultation, click here today.

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