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When to Talk to a Divorce Lawyer in Frederick, Maryland

When people hear the term “divorce,” they usually conjure up images of losing a lot of money in the process, including what they will have to pay the lawyer. However, hiring a divorce lawyer is going to be the smartest thing a divorcing person can do, as they can help them save money in other areas. A  divorce lawyer in Frederick, Maryland advises and represents those considering a divorce. Here are some things to know about divorce law in Maryland.

What to Know About Divorce Law in Maryland

Divorces, even the most amicable of divorces, are usually harrowing experiences causing a strain on a person’s emotional and financial health. The typical issues that arise in divorce proceedings are the division of property, the division of assets and the debts, alimony and palimony, child custody and child support. Each of these things will have to be looked at when considering how everything the couple has accumulated together will be divided, not necessarily equally, but equitably. Having a sharp attorney on the your team is a smart idea.

Other Things to Know About Divorce Law in Maryland

In Maryland, if someone wants to get a separation instead of a divorce, there is no such legal stand for that. However, Maryland employs what is called the “limited divorce”, where the parties involved need to understand that although the term divorce is there, they are still not free to remarry someone else until they have an “absolute divorce”. It is a good idea for each party in the marriage to have a plan in place in case of the unfortunate issue of divorce comes up.

An Attorney in Frederick Maryland for Divorces

When searching for a divorce attorney, there are many law firms and individual attorneys who advertise their services in the Frederick, Maryland area. Russell & Heffner are attorneys in the area who represent clients with divorce issues, separation issues and other matters of family law. Anyone in need to talk to a divorce lawyer in Frederick, Maryland can contact these lawyers. To set up a consultation, visit website.

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