What Individuals Need to Know About Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Legal Services

When a friend or family member calls to say they have been arrested, panic may ensue. For most people, however, a bail bond will secure their release from jail quickly. Before a person goes to obtain bail bonds in Oklahoma City, they need to understand how the process works and what they are agreeing to. This ensures no problems arise in the future.

Bail Bonds

A bail bond is money provided to the judicial system to secure the release of a person accused of a crime until the next scheduled court appearance. When free, the defendant can use the time to prepare his or her defense, secure representation, work their regular schedule, and more. When a person cannot pay the money required by the court, the bail bond is used to accomplish this goal.

Securing the Bail Bond

A bail bondsman requires some type of collateral for the bond. This collateral may come in the form of money paid by cash or credit card. If a person does not have the funds for collateral or the bail is extremely high, the bondsman may accept another asset in place of cash. This could be a house, a vehicle, jewelry, or other objects of high value.

The Bail Bondsman Role

A bail bondsman typically only requires a percentage of the bail and guarantees the rest of the money to the court. As a result of the bondsman taking on this responsibility, conditions might be set before the bond is obtained. The defendant may be required to check in with the bondsman regularly or abide by other requirements. This reduces the risk taken by the individual or company guaranteeing the bond.

Why Are Bail Bonds Issued?

People often wonder why a bail bond would be issued. The judicial system releases individuals from jail to help with overcrowding. Additionally, the defendant can begin preparing for trial while continuing his or her normal routine, which is of great benefit. The bondsman makes money when the defendant appears in court, as he or she gets the funds back they guaranteed and retains the fee paid by the person who secured the bond.

Browse our website to learn more about Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City. They are of great help to individuals who are incarcerated. Anyone in this situation should consider turning to a bondsman for help.

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