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Common Questions For Criminal Defense Law Attorneys In Springboro, OH

In Ohio, criminal defendants have the opportunity to use appropriate defenses that apply to their criminal charges. Local attorneys review their cases to determine what defense to use to prevent a conviction. Criminal Defense Law Attorneys in Springboro OH can provide answers for common questions about these cases.

What Does the Defense of Infancy Mean?

This defense indicates that the individual is at an age where they cannot comprehend the crime or what the crime means actually. This defense could be used by a child or by an individual whose mental capacity is childlike. It is often used for juvenile-based crimes that could lead to the child being charged as an adult.

How Do Miranda Rights Apply in a Dismissal?

The officers must read these rights to all defendants that are under arrest, and the officers must explain what these rights mean. If the officers attempt to question the defendant without an attorney, their attorney can file a motion to suppress any testimony acquired illegally, and they could move to have the case dismissed. This includes any confession that was coerced or any instance of police brutality against the defendant used to acquire statements.

What are the Requirements for a Murder Charge?

The state must prove that the defendant intended to kill the victim and that the crime was premeditated. The fatality cannot be the result of an unfortunate event, and the defendant won’t be convicted if the death resulted from self-defense. Any murder charges that apply to an additional crime such as kidnapping is classified as capital murder.

Does the Defendant Plead Guilty to Get a Plea Bargain?

Typically, a plea bargain is based on the defendant acknowledging their guilt in the crime yet it provides them with a reduced penalty. Typically, this could prevent them from facing a prolonged trial and starting their sentence immediately.

In Ohio, criminal defendants could face a conviction without a proper defense. By hiring an attorney, the defendant could avoid a conviction if the attorney determines a suitable defense. Criminal defendants who need the services of Criminal Defense Law Attorneys in Springboro OH can click here for more information now.

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