How Can a Boat Accident Injury Law Attorney in St. Peters, MO Help Clients?

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Lawyers

Boating is a great way to pass some spare time and get out in the sun. But, as with most vehicles, accidents can happen. Anyone who is injured while operating or riding in a boat should consider hiring a Boat Accident Injury Law Attorney in St. Peters MO. Read on to find out why.

Complexity of Laws

While motor vehicle accident laws are fairly straightforward, boating accident laws can be quite complex. One example of why this is the case can be seen in the contracts signed by cruise ship passengers. When passengers purchase tickets, they may not even notice the contract they sign has a provision requiring them to follow other states’ or countries’ laws regarding statutes of limitation, damage caps, and filing deadlines in the event of an injury.

Hiring an attorney can help boat passengers avoid losing their cases because of missed deadlines or other technicalities. Cruise ship passengers aren’t the only people who can benefit from hiring a boating attorney, though.

Help for Owner-Operators

Boat owners who are injured or incur property damage through no fault of their own often find that the aftermath of their accidents leaves them with substantially higher insurance payments. Claims adjusters are hired by insurance companies to decide what claims are worth, but these professionals don’t typically have the interests of the boaters themselves in mind. An independent lawyer can help boaters determine what the actual worth of their claims is, including the cost of medical bills, lost wages, lost earnings, and on-going rehabilitation and treatment as well as material losses.

An Independent Investigation

Insurance companies are usually the first ones to launch an investigation into an accident. These investigations are typically aimed at ensuring the insurance companies they work for have to pay out as little as possible. A private Boat Accident Injury Law Attorney in St. Peters MO can conduct an investigation of his or her own, helping to ensure the boater’s best interests are protected in negotiating with insurance companies.

Get Started Today

Anyone filing an insurance claim after a boating injury should consider seeking legal help as soon as possible after the injury has occurred. Find out more about us and the valuable legal services we provide online or call to schedule a consultation today.

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