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Increasing the Odds of an Approved Case with the Help of a Social Security Disability Law Firm

When legitimately disabled people are denied disability benefits, they have to live with low or no income at all. The social security administration is usually wrong when disability benefits are denied. When this happens to someone, a Social Security disability law firm can appeal a denied case to get a client the benefits that rightfully deserve.

Appealing a Case

According to social security eligibility guidelines, people are considered disabled when a medical impairment makes it so they can’t perform their job duties anymore. It is also unlikely they are able to work in any other field where substantial gainful income can be achieved.

The social security administration approves only about thirty percent of first-time claims. Those who keep on trying with a lawyer greatly improve their odds. A lawyer practicing at a Social Security disability law firm appeals decisions through every stage of review. Legal representatives arguing against unfavorable decisions helps to strengthen cases.

Applicants are able to further prove the validity of their cases in appeals. This is done by submitting more medical records with the most current reports. The administration will then view the case with more than enough evidence to show there is a physical or mental disability.

Short and Long-Term Disability

Disability coverage is issued to a disabled person in one of two ways. Short-term disability pays a percentage of lost wages. This is when an injury prevents one from working for more than a few days. Short-term disability is granted when a person has no more paid sick days, and it is uncertain if the condition will improve.

Short-term disability recipients receive payments that are close to their pay rate. The sum of benefits may steeply decrease after a few weeks, but it provides income on emergency right after becoming disabled.

Long-term disability can be awarded to a person who previously had short-term disability. It helps when a lawyer is actively involved in this part of the case. Long-term disability is awarded when there is no sign of immediate recovery a few months after becoming disabled. Learn more at

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