When No One is Clearly at Fault, a Car Accident Law Attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD Can Help

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Lawyers

With most car accidents, it’s clear who is at fault. Someone might have run a stop light, crashed because they were speeding, or for another reason. However, all accidents are not as clear-cut. There are many where it’s difficult for those responding to the accident to determine fault. This is where hiring a Car Accident Law Attorney in Upper Marlboro MD can be helpful.

Collect Evidence From Car Accident

An attorney knows what evidence to look for and where to find it. They also know how to collect it so it can be used in court if needed. For instance, they might look for security cameras near where the accident occurred to see if the accident was recorded. This could make it easier to determine who was at fault for the accident. The faster an attorney is hired, the more evidence they may be able to gather.

Determine Who is At Fault and Liability

Once evidence is gathered, the lawyer can look through the evidence to determine fault and liability. The fault would be who caused the accident. Liability would be who needs to compensate the victim of the accident. Though this is the same party in most cases, it could be two different parties. For instance, a truck driver might be at fault for an accident, but their mechanic might be the liable party if the accident occurred because of a damaged part on the truck that was not repaired properly before the accident occurred.

Help Client Obtain Compensation for the Accident

After accumulating evidence their client was not at fault, the lawyer can start working to help their client obtain compensation. The attorney will request compensation from the liable party and provide the evidence collected to show why their client deserves compensation for the accident as well as how much their client should obtain.

If you’ve been in a car accident and you’re having trouble obtaining compensation because there is no clear liable party, make sure you contact a Car Accident Law Attorney in Upper Marlboro MD as soon as possible. They’ll need to start collecting evidence to help you immediately. Find more information here to see how hiring a lawyer can help you.

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