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A DWI Attorney in Rupert, ID Wants Potential Clients to Know How Easy It Is to Get Caught

The slogan “Don’t drink and Drive” does not seem to faze a lot of people, or either they don’t think the slogan applies to them. People don’t understand how quickly they can become too intoxicated to operate a moving vehicle and end up getting a drunk driving ticket before they know it. A DWI Attorney in Rupert ID helps clients who are arrested for driving drunk, especially when the clients think they are not drunk. However, it is easy to be ticketed for driving drunk and here are some of the ways law enforcement officials can tell.

  • The police are always on the lookout for those drivers who are driving in an erratic manner, such as those who make sudden stops at stop signs or traffic signals. This pattern doesn’t occur with a person whose perception is keen.
  • Some who drink and drive assume that if they just take their time and drive slower than normal, they won’t be stopped. However, this kind of driving causes suspicion also and gets the driver pulled over.
  • A driver who has been drinking does not know his or her brain is soaked with alcohol which causes him or her to not have control of motor skills, and this shows up in the driving.
  • People under the influence of alcohol may get the deceitful feeling they are in control and will be tempted to speed down the road, which is an obvious sign that they may be under the influence of alcohol.
  • A driver may not realize that the amount of alcohol it takes for one to fail the chemical test is not the same for another and may be way beyond his or her limit.

Getting an Attorney to Help with DWI

The Gariepy Law Offices have been providing DWI solutions for clients in the Rupert, Idaho area for more than 30 years. In addition, clients can also get help for personal injury cases, such as slips and falls and animal bites, and workers’ compensation cases. If a person is in need of a DWI Attorney in Rupert ID, the law offices are available. Clients van Get a firm overview by visiting the website at

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