A DWI Lawyer in Rockwall, TX Can Suggest Positive Steps That May Result in Court Leniency

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Lawyer

Driving while intoxicated is an ongoing danger in Texas and throughout the country despite increasingly harsh penalties for the behavior. The problem may be viewed as a substance use disorder since the individual should realize the irresponsibility and the potential for accident and injury. A DWI lawyer in Rockwall, TX can help clients who have been charged with this criminal offense if they are trying to prevent the worst consequences from occurring after getting caught. However, it’s essential for the person to recognize the hazards of driving under the influence of alcohol and make a commitment to stop doing so.

Most people who have been charged with DWI are never charged with this offense again. They stop drinking and driving; they stop drinking altogether, or they at least modify their drinking behavior enough to not be a danger behind the wheel. That means reducing their alcohol intake so their blood alcohol content is always below the legal limit when they get into the driver’s seat.

However, a smaller percentage of individuals have trouble ending this behavior. They try strategies to avoid getting caught, such as driving on residential streets and back roads instead of main arteries and highways. When they are arrested and charged with a second or third DWI offense, a lawyer in Rockwall, TX becomes particularly important. Minimum penalties for these offenses are serious, with mandated jail time and steep fines. Judges can impose even more severe penalties at their discretion.

Courts and relevant laws typically mandate a certain amount of alcohol counseling as well as participation in a class focusing on safe driving. Voluntarily enrolling in an alcohol treatment program before the court date is one way for the defendant to show a judge that they are committed to making a change for the better. An attorney with a firm such as the law offices of Tim Hartley can provide legal representation along with additional suggestions on how a client charged with DWI can make positive steps that encourage a judge to be more lenient. Please browse the website of this organization for more information.

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