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A Lawyer Can Help You Win Disability Benefits

Look at statistics. If you were to claim Social Security disability benefits, your claim would likely not be accepted. Approximately two-thirds of all disability claims are not accepted when first made. More so, these claims are often also not accepted at the first stage of the appeal process, which is a request for reconsideration. Although you can engage a lawyer to help with the initial claim, the majority of claimants wait until their claim is ultimately denied.

Most claims that have been denied end up being heard by an administrative law judge, and when the appeal reaches this stage you need to consider hiring Richmond & Charlotte Social Security disability lawyers. It must be said, however, that there are no guarantees that you will be successful. A seasoned Social Security disability lawyer can ensure that your case will be properly developed and presented and that all deadlines will be met.

Why are so many claims denied?

Anyone that has ever had to deal with the Federal Government will agree that the systems they have in place are complicated. The denial rate is as high as it is because the greatest majority of claimants do not know how to prepare a winning claim. A disability lawyer does not have this problem; they know the system, and based on experience, they can anticipate the questions that the administrative law judge will ask the claimant. By the time the claim reaches the hearing, the lawyer will have gathered supporting evidence from his client’s doctors and all pertinent records from lab tests, physical therapy, etc. This information will have been submitted long before the interview.

Is a lawyer necessary?

The simple answer to that question is no. Occasionally, claimants that elect to “go it alone” will succeed. However, the truth is, the chances of winning are far better when dedicated Richmond & Charlotte Social Security disability lawyers support your claim.

The chances of your being approved for disability benefits are far better when Richmond & Charlotte Social Security disability lawyers represent you. For a free review of your case, contact Hunter & Everage at

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