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Exploring Fault With An Accident Attorney In Grand Rapids, MI

In Michigan, personal injury laws define what victims are allowed to do after sustaining injuries. The state enforces laws to keep all drivers and passengers safe at all times. However, circumstances can emerge that could produce injuries due to underlying faults. An Accident Attorney in Grand Rapids MI helps victims file claims after they are injured.

Public Transportation Accidents

Buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation are regulated by state authorities. It is elected officials that manage the requirements for the methods of transport. It is the officials that must assess maintenance requirements for the vehicles and monitor drivers. Any accidents that generate passenger-related injuries lead to claims against elected officials. Victims have a deadline of one year to file a legal claim.

Commercial Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucking accidents are investigated according to regulations issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The investigation must determine if the driver followed regulations while operating the vehicle. All drivers must rest for at least eight hours after a twelve to fourteen-hour shift to prevent exhausted driving. The driver’s log is reviewed after the accident, and the officers must conduct a drug and/or alcohol assessment of the driver.

Driving School Accidents

Driving schools prepare drivers for hazardous conditions on the road. However, any failure to inspect the vehicles and maintain them could make the school liable. Most drivers who participate in the school must sign a contract that prevents accident claims under certain conditions. The exception to the contract is when the driving school failed to provide a safe vehicle.

Heavy-Duty Equipment Accidents

The use of heavy-duty equipment must be assessed and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Companies that utilize the equipment must follow OSHA regulations to prevent worker-related accidents. If an accident occurs, the equipment is assessed for issues that could deem the company owner liable.

In Michigan, personal injury laws determine the course of legal claims. The type of accident that caused the victim’s injury plays an important role in defining applicable laws. Victims who need to start a claim contact an Accident Attorney in Grand Rapids MI through Bleakley Law Offices P C right now.

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