An Injury Attorney in Marana, AZ Helps Clients When Insurers Dispute Parts of Claims

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Lawyers

An injury attorney in Marana, AZ has the knowledge and resources necessary to get their clients a good financial outcome. In contrast, an individual trying to negotiate a settlement with an insurance company may feel pretty lost. A personal injury lawyer knows just how aggressive to be with demands and how much a case should be worth to the client.

Complementary Medical Care

When an insurer responsible for the accident claim refuses to pay for certain types of medical treatment, an injury attorney in Marana, AZ can be of assistance. The insurance company may be justifiably refusing to pay for therapy not backed by research results, but several kinds of complementary care have been verified as useful for certain medical problems. Chiropractic care and massage therapy for back pain are just two examples.

Attorneys with a firm such as Price and Price Law provide documentation of research results supporting the use of these services for the specific problem. Agreement from the client’s medical doctor will likely be necessary for the insurer to approve this part of the claim.

Retraining for Employment

This lawyer can also assist clients when the injured person cannot ever return to the work they had been doing but does not want to rely on permanent disability benefits. The individual may need retraining for a new job, and a lawyer can persuade the insurer to pay for this additional education. Lost income during this time should be provided by the insurance company as well.

Intangible Aspects Related to the Accident

Intangible aspects related to the accident may also deserve financial compensation, even if there is no way to put an actual monetary value on them. Insurance companies are highly unlikely to agree to this unless a legal professional is involved.

Examples of intangible factors include serious emotional trauma and the development of an anxiety disorder. The lawyer will need to prove the client is actually suffering from these psychological disorders. That is usually accomplished by having a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist provide documentation.

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