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Arrested for Driving Under the Influence? What to Expect During Arraignment

A family member or a friend recently arrested by the authorities for driving under the influence? If so, once arrested the next step in the process is the arraignment. This is a critical time for the individual that is facing charges for being under the influence while operating a motor vehicle. This stage in the case is when the defendant will go before the court to hear the charges that they are facing. During this time, a judge will decide if the accused will have to post a bail so they can be released from jail. In addition to determining what will happen to the defendant’s automobile and license until they return to court to learn their sentencing if found guilty. During this important stage, it is important to retain one of the experienced DUI defense lawyers to represent them.

Benefit of Hiring a Defense Attorney

  • They have experience handling cases like your friend or family member, an experienced lawyer will know how to navigate the court system and the process they will need to follow.
  • DUI defense lawyers represent the accused and make a presentation to the judge to persuade them to release the individual on their own recognizance and not have to post bail to leave the jail.
  • An attorney can influence the judge to allow the accused to retain their vehicle and license until they return to court to stand trial.
  • They will aggressively defend their client to help remove the charges or obtain the lowest punishment possible.
  • An attorney can make a difference between high fines and jail time for the accused or the ability to attend a drug or alcohol program to remove the charges once completed.

Retain an Attorney Today to Protect the Accused’s Future

When a person has been arrested for driving under the influence, it can have a heavy impact on their life. From a suspended license to losing their job, the consequences can be devastating for the accused and their family. The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro offers the legal advice and expertise to help aggressively fight on behalf of their clients.

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