The Lawyers in Temecula CA Can Help You With Your Disability Appeal

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Attorney

When a person files for disability benefits, they can often feel overwhelmed because the process can be so difficult to go through. Unfortunately, some individuals are denied their benefits, even when they are deserving. This is why injured victims often need to hire one of the Lawyers in Temecula CA. A lawyer can help their client appeal any denial decision so the client receives the benefits they deserve.

Why Are People Often Denied?

When applying for disability there are five common reasons people are denied. It is imperative individuals receive help from a lawyer so they can reduce their chances of being denied and can receive help with the appeal if a denial is given.

  • A lack of hard medical evidence is the number one cause of denials. A person must be able to prove their medical condition has negatively affected their ability to work their job.
  • Some people make the mistake of applying again, instead of appealing a denial. This mistake will typically result in another denial because the person reviewing the application will see the applicant has been denied before.
  • If the income exceeds the substantial gainful activity allowance, a denial will likely be given. Working and earning over $1,000 a month typically leads to a denial.
  • Should an applicant be unwilling to follow treatments ordered by their doctor, the Social Security Administration will likely deny the application.
  • A lack of cooperation will also lead to a denial of benefits. No matter how unfair a person thinks they are being treated, it is imperative the applicant cooperates and acts cordial at all times.

What Happens at the Hearing?

When a person has been denied their benefits, they have the right to stand before a disability judge and discuss their medical condition. A lawyer will help their client protect their rights and present ample evidence to ensure the judge rules in favor of the disabled client.

If you are disabled and in need of the help of the Lawyers in Temecula CA, it is important you call today to schedule an appointment. For more information on how a lawyer can help you, visit us today.

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