Assessing the Claim with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Charles County, MD

by | May 22, 2018 | Lawyers

In Maryland, employers must comply with federal laws and purchase workers’ compensation insurance. This policy is needed if the employer hires more than one worker. The insurance provides financial assistance and coverage for medical treatment if and when the worker sustains an injury on the job. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Charles County, MD represents workers who are denied the benefits.

Reviewing All Deadlines

When dealing with a workers’ compensation claim, the worker has exactly one month to notify their employer of their injuries. After it is reported, the employer must send the worker to a doctor for a complete diagnosis. The doctor has exactly ten days to file a medical report with the insurer. If the worker is denied the benefits, they have three years to file a legal claim.

Evaluating the Worker’s Injuries

The claim is sent to the insurer for an evaluation. A claim’s adjuster compares the worker’s injuries to the terms of the insurance policy. The recovery duration designated by the doctor determines if the worker will be able to receive monetary benefits. The adjuster makes a final decision and sends a letter to the worker.

Identifying the Exact Reason for the Denial

The letter received by the worker either identifies the starting date for benefits or explains why they were denied. The attorney representing the worker needs to review the letter and the insurer’s decision. Under workers’ compensation laws, the insurer cannot deny benefits for injuries that qualified for the benefits.

Starting a Lawsuit

A lawsuit is filed against the employer and the insurer if workers’ compensation benefits aren’t provided. The legal claim enables the worker to obtain compensation for their financial losses, and it deems the employer and the insurer liable for the worker’s injuries and any additional losses. If the worker wins, they receive a lump sum settlement.

In Maryland, employers file a claim for workers’ compensation whenever a worker is injured on the job. The claim provides coverage for all medical treatment and monetary benefits while the worker recovers. If the insurer denies the claim, the worker has a legal right to file a legal claim. Workers who need the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer in Charles County, MD can contact the Law Office of Danny R. Seidman now.

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