Can a Misdemeanor for Petty Theft be Lowered to an Infraction with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Kendallville Indiana?

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A misdemeanor is only one step away from a felony-;as it should be. No one wants any kind of record, however slight. Reducing a petty theft charge is not impossible by any means. It would be wonderful if a client could receive an infraction as opposed to a charge. An infraction is marginal. It is a glorified fine. It gets recorded on the record in Indiana, but it is shortly removed. It is a far cry from a misdemeanor charge that can affect life in a variety of ways, including an inability to work in certain industries or pay more for particular services (i.e. insurance). So how is the charge reduced at visit us.

Is the theft over 50 dollars?

The $50 line is quite arbitrary in some states. It is possible for a theft over $50 to be reduced to an infraction, and it is certainly possible below that point. The Criminal Defense Lawyer in Kendallville Indiana, has assessed that $50 is a reasonable expectation and line to separate where it becomes much more difficult to reduce the status of a crime. There is a certain psychological element at play at $50. Some states have initiated a $50 line that separates the type of charge placed against them, though some have not made that number official.

The Air of the Case

Reducing a theft to a simple infraction requires some patience. It may require a number of visits and small court hearings to get the reduction made. Clients are expected to be patient because it is absolutely worth it. Chances increase considerably if it is the first infraction of any kind. The environment around the case, including client personality and the mood of the judge, may all play a factor.

Pushing to Trial

The Criminal Defense Lawyer in Kendallville Indiana, may suggest pushing closer to trial in to encourage a closing deal that is favorable. Do not be alarmed if a defense attorney suggests stalling as a legitimate strategy. It is often an effective way to encourage the court to accept a deal.

It is up to the client to present their situation in the best way, and that is obviously facilitated with the defense attorney. It is worth it to be patient and be left with an infraction as opposed to a misdemeanor. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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