Choose Experienced Same Sex Divorce Lawyers in Smithtown for Additional Support

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Lawyer

Same-sex couples have the same rights in divorce as heterosexual couples. However, because of the unique issues that same-sex couples face, it’s important for any gay or lesbian couple who wants to end their marriage to work with an attorney who has experience in same-sex divorce. In addition to issues related to the division of property, spousal and child support, the couple might also have to deal with complicated issues related to custody of children who were adopted by only one spouse or who is only the biological child of one parent. An experienced same sex divorce lawyers in Smithtown help clients with these issues on a regular basis.

Children of same-sex couples often have issues adjusting to life after divorce that are different from those of their peers. While they are living with both parents, these children tend to be insulated from many societal issues. However, when their parents’ marriage falls apart, they might have to deal with discrimination they never experienced before. Same Sex Divorce Lawyers in Smithtown may be able to give their client advice or refer them to resources that can support the parent and child as they deal with this transition in their lives.

Many married same-sex couples were together for years prior to the legalization of their marriage. They may have accumulated a significant amount of property, cash, and other assets during their relationship and sorting out how much each spouse is entitled to could be more complicated than it would with a traditional heterosexual couple or even a younger same-sex couple that didn’t cohabitate for several years before they got married.

By working with an attorney like Todd J. Zimmer & Associates, a client can be sure their lawyer understands their situation and has the experience to help them get through this difficult time in their life. Whether the client has children they need to sort out custody for or retirement accounts that need to be divided so each spouse can have an equitable portion of the marital assets. Divorce is rarely easy but with the right support, a spouse may be able to live a fulfilling life after their marriage has ended.

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