Civil and Criminal Car Accident Cases. See If an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Tucson, AZ Is Needed

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Accidents can be the result of either negligence or a direct action. In some cases, the person who caused the accident will be arrested and charged with it, and the victim has the option of starting a civil case whether or not the at-fault driver is arrested or fined. The civil case is to ensure they receive an adequate settlement, though the case is often settled before going to court and can be affected by the outcome of a criminal case.

Criminal Cases Relating to Accidents

Criminal cases can come about when the at-fault driver was drunk while driving or caused the accident on purpose, for instance, out of road rage. Usually, an automobile accident lawyer in Tucson, AZ is not needed for the victim of the accident as they are not the ones who are arrested; they may have one when being questioned about the accident, but it’s not required. The case is separate from any civil case the victim may create though the outcome of the criminal case may affect the civil case, for example: if the person is convicted of a crime resulting in the accident, the victim can use that as proof the person caused the accident in civil court.

Civil Cases Relating to Accidents

After a serious accident, the victim may work with an automobile accident lawyer in Tucson, AZ on a civil case to obtain adequate compensation for their injuries. Injuries can include physical injuries, damages to the vehicle, lost wages, and other expenses the person will go through due to the accident. The court may use the evidence from the criminal trial to determine the guilt of the person who caused the accident; if there is no criminal trial, the victim will, however, need to prove that the other driver was the cause of the accident. Their lawyer will handle all of this to help them obtain an adequate settlement.

Automobile accidents that end with criminal and civil cases can be confusing for the victim, especially when they’re trying to recover from a serious accident. An auto accident lawyer can handle almost everything on their behalf so they can obtain the compensation they need while still having the rest they need to recover from the accident. For any questions about an auto accident and whether or not a lawyer is necessary, contact Price and Price law firm.

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