Comparison Shopping for Personal Injury Lawyers

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Lawyer

Once you’ve assembled a list of attorneys, schedule initial in-person consultations with them. These should always be free meetings; if an attorney charges you for a first meeting, look for a different attorney. In the meeting you should find out how long they’ve been practicing. Ask what percentage of their cases are personal injury cases. Find out if the attorney tends to represent defendants more often than plaintiffs. If they often represent insurance companies, they may not fight as hard for accident victims. Find out if only one attorney will be handling your case, or if a number of attorneys will be sharing the work. Try to get a sense of the attorney’s personality to see if it meshes well with yours. Ask the attorney if your case is likely to go to trial, or if the insurance company is likely to settle through negotiation. Find out if the majority of the attorney’s personal injury cases are settled or litigated.

It’s possible to get a fair insurance settlement by yourself if you’ve been injured in a car crash or other type of accident, but it’s much more likely if you’re represented by a Personal Injury Lawyer, such as Therman Law Offices Arlington Heights. Selecting a personal injury attorney shouldn’t be a hasty decision. Ask any friends, relatives, or coworkers whom they’ve used if they’ve been in a similar situation.

It’s especially important to get a sense of the attorney’s approach to the details of your settlement. Your ideal personal injury lawyer will try to obtain a settlement at the lowest possible cost to you, and as quickly as possible. The attorney should also always encourage asking for more than whatever the insurance company initially offers you. Finally, you should obtain a clear retainer and fee agreement from the attorney, and find out whether the attorney will take your case on a contingency basis–that is, the attorney only gets paid if and when you get paid. If the attorney cannot provide a clear fee agreement or demands any money at all up front, look for a different attorney. Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer Arlington Heights or anywhere else should be a careful process if you want the best possible result. Click here for more details.

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