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Consulting A Child Custody Attorney In Georgetown, TX About Risky Behaviors

Texas divorce courts make a solid effort to allow both parents to raise a child and continue to be an equal part of the child’s life. However, if circumstances exist in which the child could be placed at risk, precautionary measures are taken to protect him or her. If you wish to seek Child Custody Attorney in Georgetown TX due to risky behaviors of your former spouse, you should contact Harris and Schroeder, PLLC immediately.

Risks to Children

Whether you are attending your first child custody hearing or wish to fight for sole custody at a later time, you can file a motion in court to achieve this goal. Although in most cases shared or joint custody are awarded, a judge will listen to your argument when clear evidence is available. The overall goal is to place the child in the most healthy environment possible.

A common risk that could arise is drug and alcohol abuse. If your spouse has a history of addiction and returns to these behaviors, it is urgent that you address the court about these matters. A judge can order him or her to enter a treatment facility to acquire further help with this problem. After he or she exists treatment, the judge can order supervised visitation to protect the child and monitor the progress of your former spouse.

Domestic violence is another occurrence that warrants sole custody. When a spouse is abusive toward the other and an existing record is present, the judge could render a decision of sole custody or include additional provisions to protect the child. If the court granted an order of protection, these circumstances are investigated during the custody hearing. If these conditions still exist, the judge can order anger management programs for the spouse along with strictly supervised visitation. If the judge feels that the child’s life is at risk by continuing visitation with the offending parent, he or she could stripe him or her of their parental rights.

Although the state of Texas has laws to protect the family unit after a divorce, parents have the right to fight for child custody based on the events of the marriage. When abuse, addiction, or other risky behaviors are present, it is the best interests of the child that are considered. If you wish to file a petition today, you should contact a Child Custody Attorney in Georgetown TX promptly.


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